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About Twitter Video Downloader

The Twitter Video Downloader HD Tool enables you to effortlessly save tweets to your mobile device or PC, all for free. With this tool, you can download Twitter videos in full HD, even if the tweets are from public accounts with privacy settings enabled.

Enjoy unrestricted access to Twitter videos with our downloader, allowing you to save an unlimited number of videos at no cost. The tool is incredibly fast, providing downloadable links in approximately 2 seconds, with a range of video quality options from high to low.

Download Twitter Video Using SSSTwitter

Our Twitter video saver allows you to download Twitter videos in HD quickly and without interruptions, surpassing the traditional copy-paste method. This Twitter video downloader is compatible with any browser and works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices. Follow the instructions below to learn how to save Twitter videos and convert them to MP4 using our website.

Simply paste the link into the input field and click the "ENTER" button to save the video!

Simply paste the link into the input field and click the "ENTER" button to save the video!

Please ensure that:

  • You are on a page displaying a single tweet;

  • This page contains a video;

  • See the example below.

These are the original links:



Note! The SSSTwitter downloader does not host copyrighted material or support unauthorized file sharing. All videos are sourced directly from the Twitter CDN.

How to Use the Twitter Downloader App?

You can initiate the Twitter video download process through our website on any device with a web browser, regardless of your operating system (Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.). Downloading videos via our website is straightforward; you just need to follow one additional step. See the detailed instructions below.

  • Copy the Tweet URL

    Copy the Tweet URL

    Find the video you want on Twitter and copy the link from the address bar. If you're using the official app, copy the link from the share pop-up panel.

  • Paste it into the input field

    Paste it into the input field

    Open the SSSTwitter video download website, paste the tweet's URL into the form at the top of the page, and click the Download button.

  • Download Twitter Videos

    Download Twitter Videos

    Select the file and click the "Download" button. That's it! The video will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions - SSSTwitter

  • Can I download private videos from Twitter?

    No, you cannot. The SSSTwitter saver app does not allow you to download videos and GIFs from private accounts or private tweets. Ensure that you do not violate any laws when downloading videos, as they may be copyrighted or contain private information about the owner.

  • How do I download videos to my phone?

    Copy the link to the video you want, go to our website, and paste the link into the input field. Detailed instructions are available in the “How to do this” section.

  • Where can I find the files I downloaded on my device?

    Downloaded videos are saved in either the default storage folder or the folder you have chosen for storage on your device.

  • Can I download photos and videos from any user?

    Yes, but only from public accounts. We respect users' privacy and copyright. Downloading private videos is not available and will not be. However, we are working on a new browser extension for desktop browsers to help you download private posts directly from Twitter.

  • Is there a limit to how many Twitter videos I can download?

    There are no hourly or daily restrictions for video downloads on SSSTwitter. You can download an unlimited number of videos at your discretion.